Why David RPO?

If you are looking for offshore RPO partner in India to reduce overall recruitment costs, provide greater scalability and business agility, David RPO could be the right partner for you.

For greater benefits of offshore RPO and closer business process alignment with your processes, we recommend partnership engagement.

Benefits of Partnering with David RPO

  • Established Offshore RPO process methodologies.
  • Measurable metrics and quality standards in place.
  • Approximately 50% cost reduction due to offshoring of RPO processes.
  • Approximately 20% productivity improvement.
  • Faster turnaround time with resource scalability for ramping up operations.

If you are looking to outsource any of your Recruitment functions and save your time & cost on recruitment activities then David RPO is your right partner in your exploration journey.With the collapse of the global sourcing barriers, time-zone differences we can collectively provide round the clock service to our customers thereby reducing cycle time and turnaround time for recruitments.If you find this proposition interesting get in touch with us for more details.