Training Team

Our training team who is the core member of company imparts recruitment and deep optimum web search techniques training to our desk member with regular SEO updates time to time so we can give all possible best results to the clients.

Sourcing Training

  • How to identify and reach the right candidate
  • Identifying the target companies through Market Mapping / Research
  • Understanding the requirement and identifying the search keywords.
  • Broadcasting the job.
  • Identifying and locating competitors
  • Searching for candidates from Competitors
  • Searching for resumes on the web
  • Boolean Key
  • Basic Query
  • Flipping and X-Ray.
  • Harvesting or Mining.
  • Peeling or Stripping.
  • Online Tactics Demystified.
  • Peer Searching.
  • Anchor Search.
  • Email Writing.

Hiring Training

  • Concept of Headhunting.
  • Why Headhunting.
  • Methodology of Headhunting.
  • How to identify and reach the right candidate.
  • Time Management & Organization.

Communication Skill

  • Voice Modulation.
  • Mock Calls.
  • Facing questions and rebuttals while scouting.