Service Delivery Team

Business Development Manager: Our business development manager who is the front runner is totally entitled to meet attention of your recruitment or services need. Our business development manager is available for 24/7 just away a call to be at clients destination. You can make a call to make understand your recruitment need or else our manager will visit you to understand your recruitment need.

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Trials Head: Our Trials Head is the more technical sales person. Who is entitled to meet each and every technological aspect of your recruitment need? Trails head is mainly focused on to identify and establish customized outsourcing need to individual clients so that maximum utilization of services can be imparted. Trials head has the significant role in establishing the team for delivering optimum results of sales trials.

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Recruitment Team
Sr. Recruiters: Our Recruiters are with US / UK / AU recruitment experience those who are in charge of 360-degree recruitment Process including sourcing, screening and conducting/scheduling Interviews of candidates on behalf of clients.

Sr. Resources : Our Resources are with US / UK / AU resumes Sourcing experience those who are in charge of sourcing resumes from different Job portals and networking sites for the clients who need resume sourcing service.

Before sending any delivery to clients, the quality team checks the delivery and if needed, they rework on the requirements and sees that our clients are totally satisfied.