About Us

Our teams of experienced consultants pride themselves on sourcing the right roles for our candidates, and providing our clients with the right people with the right skills at the right time. We work alongside our clients to understand their specific role and business requirements and to recommend and implement the most appropriate and cost effective staffing solutions. This may be delivered using a single delivery approach, or in combination, tailored to meet our clients specific requirements. Our values, along with our investment in our people and our business processes, underpin our culture which drives our commitment to service excellence.

DAVID RPO services portfolio offers integrated RPO services stack with solution offerings you need to effectively and efficiently meet your corporate and hiring goals.

Learn more about how DAVID RPO offers the most comprehensive sourcing professional services and technologies, how it can integrate with your business processes,provide the best operational efficiencies at lowest cost,and more

Transforming your recruitment process function from an administrative function to a strategic advantage.

Leaveraging technology to provide HR solutions to reduce overall operations costs and increase return on investment(ROI) for human resource functions.

Drive quality and performance beyond the point of hire, creating transformational impact from the call center to the executive suite.

Maximize control and compliance.

Unleash management and executive time and give the organization the freedom to focus on strategic organizational issues.

Accountability: We have a clear and transparent structure and strategy that allows and encourages individual and collective responsibility. As a best RPO company, we take ownership of a situation and take the appropriate actions to ensure a positive and timely resolution.

Delivering Value: We consistently deliver high quality and cost effective affordable RPO services that exceed expectations. As an affordable RPO company, we have the ability to recognize our clients' best definition of success by delivering an unparalleled cheap RPO service.

Innovation: We deliver original, creative and thought- provoking solutions. We are willing to try new ideas and differentiate ourselves from our competitors through our imaginative and tailored services.

Knowledge: We understand the ever-changing demands and influences within our industry and continually review the resources, experience and expertise within our business to deliver a comprehensive and customer focussed service as a best recruitment company in India.

Quality: We ensure adherence to David RPO project execution processes by allocating at least one team member (team leader) who is well versed and trained in RPO business processes and has undergone a complete project lifecycle using these processes. Project documents and profiles sent are peer-reviewed and/or reviewed/approved by project manager before delivery to verify deliverable quality.

Speed: We strongly believe in leveraging our technology expertise to provide HR solutions to reduce overall operations costs and increase return on investment (ROI) for our customers.