We provide a wide range of tailored tactics that enable businesses to set industry standards and tackle any business difficulty. We have been providing creative, bespoke recruitment outsourcing & talent solutions to industries all around the world since 2007.

RPO stands for "Recruitment Process Outsourcing," which means that a company outsources all or part of its recruiting to a third-party partner. Sourcing, screening, testing, interviewing, background checks, organizing offer letters, and orientation are all examples of recruitment tasks. 

Cost savings:

When compared to contingency search fees, RPO is more cost-effective, saving up to 50%. 

Extra resources:

Some human business resources departments lack the internal resources to dedicate to mass hiring. RPO makes sense when a company's hiring demands outnumber its recruiting capability. 


This allows the company's managers and human resources team to concentrate on the company's main business while also ensuring a steady supply of qualified employees for all jobs. 

Access to industry best practices :

RPO firms specialize in recruiting and have access to industry best practices. As a result, they have tools and processes that many other businesses do not. 

Diverse candidates :

Candidates with a wide range of skills and experience — RPO also assists in achieving diversity goals as a side benefit.
"You need people, you're having a hard time, and you don't want to invest in infrastructure or take on liabilities — RPO is the greatest solution." 

Why should you go with David RPO? 

  • Save 70% on time and money when it comes to recruiting.
  • Candidates were found using LinkedIn and job boards.
  • Enhance the candidate screening process.
  • Obtain new leads for your company.
  • Invest in your recruitment/staffing firm. 

Services We provide

Full Cycle Recruitment

Davzon develops, builds, and manages to recruit solutions that allow companies to win the talent war and gain long-term competitive advantages, including cost-effectiveness, recruitment agility, and a high level of knowledge.Full-cycle recruiting is one of the most effective methods for applicants, recruiters, and businesses to profit from.

Linkedin Recruitment

You can easily hire the best people and take into account candidate endorsements with the help of LinkedIn. It is one of the most effective tools for finding and connecting passive candidates.We advertise positions on our clients' behalf to strike the proper mix between finding someone and saving money

CV Resume Sourcing

Resume Sourcing Services combines unique top-class services that allow you to get the best applicants. To identify applicants who fulfill your exact job needs, our Sources search numerous prominent Job Boards and internal candidate databases and the Internet. We at Davzon work with a variety of well-known firms in various industries to connect job searchers with our clients. We believe in consistently developing our services by adopting new ideas and best practices from the recruitment business.

CV Resume Formatting

Resume formatting services are quite crucial in today's business world. Both companies and applicants require these services. Our CV formatting services are tailored to the needs of companies and clients all around the world.Our method reduces errors and offers CVs a highly professional appearance. As a result, we've been able to collaborate with clients from all over the world. As a result of this exposure, our horizons have enlarged. For CV rewrites, we work with both companies and candidates.

CV Resume Writing

Professional Resume Writers at Davzon Team have years of experience examining resumes and CVs in various industries and sectors. You'll get the profile you need to move on with their help. Davzon is a significant resume writing service provider in Pune, India, that offers CV writing to higher education professionals at a discounted rate.

Vacancy Job Sourcing

Davzon Researcher will keep track of job openings in a niche market where you specialize. We will monitor the specific Corporate career sections of vacancies to source new vacancies as they are posted, as well as search for those vacancies that are posted on Job Boards by direct corporate and provide you with the contact details of these companies so that you can sell your Recruitment services to them.



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Happy clients

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