Intro - Data Entry Services

Most firms believe data entry to be the most important part in order to create educated or insightful marketing and business decisions, improve operational efficiency, and save money. 

With the help of outsourced data entry services, it is possible to increase the total income and profit of the firm, rather than merely save 50% on expenditures. 

About Davzon 

We are a professional data management agency that can provide your company with the best time and data management systems. We help your company perform better and be more effective by lowering your administrative overhead costs. We are committed to providing you with the most competitive prices and prompt service to your company requirements. 

Do you know how Davzon's data entry team worked? 

Digitization is a requirement for most organizations in today's technology-driven world, regardless of their industry. It does play a significant role in defining an organization's long-term operations. With this in mind, we've put up a robust and dedicated Data Entry Services team that consistently produces excellent results. Furthermore, our highly educated personnel use modern techniques to help ensure accuracy of up to 99 percent!

You can rely on our dependable data entry services to increase efficiency and create a robust, searchable database of essential data. This provides you with the assistance you need to use your resources and confidently pursue your key business objectives.

Our Data Entry Process 

We follow a six-step process to achieve an accuracy rate of 99 percent. Our staff of qualified and experienced data entry experts is trained to employ various methods to provide you with data that is over 99 percent accurate. We recognize that each project has its own set of requirements. Thus we are willing to tailor a procedure to match your needs, resulting in a cost-effective solution.

6 Steps to follow :
  1. Communication Project Specification
  2. Sample Approval, Analysis & Costing
  3. Agreement time & Scope of work
  4. Project setup & Work started
  5. Quality check
  6. Result given to the clients 

Types Of Data Entry Services Davzon offers- 

Online Data Entry - 

With our fast, accurate, secure, and dependable data entry services, you can get all of your records and data manually input into your web/cloud-based software systems. Outsource data entry to us so that you may focus on your core business responsibilities.

Offline Data Entry - 

Using our data entry specialists, we will extract the data from any source, be it financial records, medical records, invoices, bills, or any other data, and convert it into required file formats such as MS Excel, MS Word, and CSV.

Image Data Entry - 

We recognize that not every image file has the best resolution for simple comprehension. On the other hand, our data entry experts use industry-standard tools to extract and upload data quickly in a format of your choice.

Survey Forms Data Entry - 

We specialize in turning survey forms into comprehensible data and assisting with business choices. All major decisions that affect the customer are built on the foundation of surveys. However, data is frequently obtained on the fly and is not always accurately recorded. 

Industries we serve - 

  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Law enforcement or administration 

Why is Data Entry Service Required? 

Data entry is the foundation of any business. Data entry services that are effective and accurate are essential for businesses to make informed decisions. Doing it in-house, however, is time-consuming and tedious.As a result, outsourcing the service is the greatest alternative. It gives businesses more time to focus on their core capabilities while increasing corporate efficiency at a low cost. 

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