Our back office services enable you to save time on time-consuming tasks, improve operational efficiency, and save costs. Davzon can obtain data for you in a timely, cost-effective, and discrete manner. 

Our web scraping professionals can collect valuable data from a wide range of online platforms to keep you up to date on consumer behavior, web analytics, and other informative statistics. In addition, we can create custom web scraping tools to meet your specific requirements. 

Back office & data services includes few SUB SERVICES in this category:- 

Data Scraping Services - 

Data extraction, often known as data scraping, uses web scraping tools to scrape data from a website or any other source, such as online forms, emails, and other sources. Web scraping tools replicate data scraping by gathering specific pieces of information from the source. Through web pages, databases, documents, photos, and files, we scrape the data with filters.

Data Research Services - 

Our Data Research Services provide you with high-quality services that have helped us build a global client base. We offer data research services that include both online and offline methods. These services have aided our clients in completing their everyday tasks in less time while delivering exceptional outcomes that have exceeded their expectations. We guarantee customer pleasure thanks to our well-organized research and data collection and the easily accessible information we supply.

Data Entry Services- 

You may rely on our dependable data entry services to increase efficiency and create a robust, searchable database of essential data. We have a strong and dedicated Data Entry Services team that consistently produces excellent results. Furthermore, our highly educated personnel use modern techniques to help ensure accuracy of up to 99 percent. This provides you with the assistance you need to use your resources and confidently pursue your key business objectives.

Chat Support Services - 

Are you having trouble providing individualized customer service to your customers? We help companies cut marketing expenditures, increase sales and conversions, and develop long-term client relationships. By delegating chat assistance to us, you'll have more time to focus on your core business. Our online customer service chat services are cost-effective for airlines, hospitals, and technology companies. Our complete support provides personalized customer care for various technical and non-technical products and services.

ATS & Data Management - 

Davzon understands the importance of maintaining a talent pool pipeline and having all recruiting and hiring materials available simultaneously because it works in the recruitment and staffing sector. Our ATS maintenance team assists our clients in maintaining their ATS by ensuring that all job postings are organized, candidates are sourced, and candidates who have applied are tracked in the appropriate tracker and managing application monitoring. We also advertise urgent job openings on ATS-integrated portals and employment boards. 

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